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Gustavo, born in 1960, is a New York-based artist with a degree in architecture from Princeton University whose restrained, sometimes enigmatic work ranges from the meticulous to the monumental. His drawings, watercolors, sculptures and paintings often feature multitudes of tiny yet precisely rendered letters of the alphabet tumbling, spilling, or stretching their way across surfaces in plays of structure and chaos, sense and nonsense, substance and void. He draws more fully on his architectural background when working on his large-scale urban projects—including the “Tribute in Light” memorial (conceived in 2001 and illuminated each year in New York in commemoration of September 11th), the “Ten Thousand Flower Maze” (2011) in Shenzhen, China, and “TWO” (2005), a sculpture in Lower Manhattan—which share many of the themes and preoccupations of the smaller works.